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1. Link to ALEA

2. ALEA eCRF database

3. Account request

4. Which studies in ALEA

5. User manuals



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1. Link to ALEA

With the following link you can go to ALEA


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2. ALEA eCRF database


In 2014 the new eCRF ALEA was taken into production. The goal is to create all future studies to this new environment including studies that might run al long time. We realize that Local Data Managers probably have much more experience with eCRFs as we from the HDC. ALEA offers a range of possibilities in how to set up the design of a study. For example, are all CRFs predifined and bundled below one visit, or could we beter create a repeating visit so that the LDM can create their own CRFs below each visit.

We are currently learning what the best way forward for our trials is. This means that some studies might differ in the way they are designed in ALEA. We will ask input from LDMs, what works and what works not for them.

All study specific questions about the use of ALEA can be asked to the responsible trial manager of the study.

For remarks with regards to the build of the eCRF in general, or suggestions for improvement, please send these to


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3. Account request


To get access to ALEA, please first fill out an account request form. The trial manager of the study will notify you if the study is build in ALEA. If you did not receive any information with regards to the account creation from the trial manager, please find a request form below. You can send this to

You can also use this form to update us with changes, for instance the adjustment of your email address or access to another hospital in your region (below section 4 there is mentioned which studies are currently defined in ALEA).

ALEA e-CRF Account Request Form

You shall receive a message when your account has been created. This might take a few workingdays. 


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4. Which studies in ALEA


From 2015 onwards we have build all our new trials in ALEA. Some older trials that will run for quite some time were switched to ALEA as well.


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5. Usermanuals


As you are accustomed from us, each study has their own study specific CRF instructions. We have also general instructions on the use of ALEA. You can find these below.

ALEA instructions for Local Data Managers
ALEA instructions for Local Investigators 

ALEA instructions for Pathology

ALEA instructions for Cytogeneticists

ALEA instructions for Central Laboratory

ALEA instructions for registration of patients

If there are questions or unclarities, please let us know: (